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Summer 2 Week 6

This week we have enjoyed doing work around the text 'Shark in the Park'. The children have also impressed us with their number bond knowledge and recall of number bond facts. This afternoon the Year 4 children have shared their spanish books with us, which has been delightful!

Thank you for all the shoe boxes that have been coming in. We are still collecting them for our DT work on Tuesday. We shall be collecting all the reading books in next week for our annual audit so please make sure all books are brought back into school.

Please could the children bring a carrier bag into school on Friday so they can carry their school books home. Thank you.

Summer 2 Week 5

We had an exciting visitor this week where we looked at composting and lots of worms!

We all really enjoyed sports day on Thursday and were really impressed with their team spirit. Thank you for coming along and cheering!

Our story this week in Literacy was called Alistair Underwater which really engaged the children and they wrote some super stories.

Next week we are using Shark in the Park for our Literacy work. We would like to make telescopes - if you have any kitchen roll tubes please could you send them in on Monday (no toilet rolls please). 

Summer 2 Week 4

This week started with a whole school 'Shakespeare Day' linked to A Midsummer Night's Dream. The children really enjoyed our fairy activities. Later on in the week we used the 'book creator' app on the ipads to make our own fairy adventures! 1WB shared their stories with their Year 5 buddies.

We have been doing lots of measuring in maths using metre sticks around the classroom. We all enjoyed our walk to St Luke's Church on Thursday and learnt lots about the features inside a church and why it is a special place for Christians.

Please remember that homework should be back in school on Thursday so we can look at it and stick the next week's homework in. 

Summer 2 Week 3

This week we have been finding the difference between two numbers in Maths using measuring and real life problems. The children have really impressed us.

We have been enjoying reading and learning facts that the children researched for homework last week - and have continued finding out new things. The children took great care when making clay fish.


Summer Wk2

This week we have been busy doing activities around the book:The Rainbow Fish. We have produced some super collages and story writing and have been scientists investigating whether salt water freezes. We enjoyed sharing the photos about special family celebrations.

Summer 2 Week 1

We have had two very exciting days this week! The children all looked great on Wednesday and spoke really clearly about their hero. 

White Post Farm was a fantastic day out. We were really lucky with the weather and the children enjoyed the hands on experiences and asked lots of interesting questions. We have had a lovely day today reflecting on the trip by writing recounts, painting pictures and drawing maps.

Week 6

This week we have been busy making a class PowerPoint to bring together everything we have learnt about birds and plants. We were very impressed with the children's ideas!

Monday was a real highlight as we had a fun and creative music day. We made instruments, played the drums, sang songs and learnt different rhythms. The day ended with the whole school coming together on the field to sing songs and celebrate the day.

Have a lovely half term break.


Week 5

This week we have been telling the time and writing fun comic strips.We have also been 'film makers' using the ipads to make short animations showing how a plant grows. In RE we learnt all about the Jewish special day of Shabbat and enjoyed looking at Jewish artefacts.


Week 4

We have really enjoyed our plant topic this week. We had a calm and reflective time sketching then painting different plants. We planted our sunflowers outside and put some sprouting potatoes into bags to grow!

Our literacy work has been based on owls this week, the children produced some lovely writing about what Little Owl might think if he came to visit Abbey Road grounds!

Just a reminder to please tell a grown up at school or write a note if your child is going home with a different adult at the end of the day please.

Week 3

We have had fun designing and making our bird feeders. We have hung them up around the school grounds and are hoping to spot some birds using them!

In maths we have been busy measuring the capacity of different containers and in literacy we have loved reading Christopher Nibbles the guinea pig and writing newspaper reports about him.

If the sunny weather continues please remember to send in sun hats and bring full water bottles into school, thank you!

Week 2

This week in year 1 we have been enjoying watching our beans begin to grow. We have also planted sunflowers and are going to be planting potatoes as well.

We have been doing lots of ICT this week: researching flowers and plants on the ipad, writing facts on the laptops and we finished our unit on 'Coding'.

Next week we will be busy designing and making bird feeders so if you have any plastic containers/trays/bottles/pots etc then please send them in on Tuesday.



Week 1

We have had a fun first week back looking at plants and trees around the school grounds and planting sunflower seeds and beans. But the highlight has to be the Queen's 90th Birthday celebrations! Everyone looked amazing coming to school in their crowns. We really enjoyed our whole school picnic, cake decorating and treasure hunt on the school field. The Queens birthday cards that we created look fantastic and the children now know lots of facts about the Queen!


Week 4

The highlight of this week was Sport Relief Day. We all managed to run a mile around the school field and played some different exercise games. The children have also really enjoyed doing some more coding on the laptops and are becoming great computer programmers! 

Week 3

All the children enjoyed our PE on the large apparatus on Monday. We found different ways to travel, both high and low. Our ICT topic this half term is on 'Coding' and all of the children really impressed us with how quickly they learnt new skills. In maths we were so pleased with the progress made in learning doubles. This week we have been finding the difference between two numbers by counting up.

Week 2

World Book Day was the highlight this week. We really loved sharing our books with the KS2 children. We hope you enjoy spending your book vouchers.

We had great fun making ebooks on the ipads about a vehicle based on our book The Naughty Bus.

Week 1

We hope you all had a lovely half term. We enjoyed reading written recounts of their fun half term activities! Our highlight this week was our topic launch for 'Journeys', going on a walk to the library. The children really impressed us with their observational skills looking for key features on route and their listening skills in the library. We hope you enjoy reading the books they borrowed.

Just a small request - we have no spare clothes age 5 -6 years such as tights, pants, trousers, skirts, to use in case of accidents. If you have any we would be very grateful!

On Thursday it is World Book Day and we will be buddying up with another class in school to share our favourite books. Please could your child bring in their one favourite book on Thursday? Thank you.

Week 6

Happy half term everyone!

The highlight in Year 1 this week was our lovely Grandparent afternoon. Thank you to all those who made cakes - they went down very well! It was really good to see all the children chatting to our visitors and looking at the interesting toys they had brought in. 

We had a good afternoon with the Beebots and using the laptops to learn about programming and debugging.

Just a plea for parent helpers to accompany the children to the library on Thursday 25th February - for 1P please. 1WB have their helpers - thank you!


Week 5

This week we have enjoyed programming the BeeBott and directing it on on the ipads and laptops. We have been busy starting to make our finger puppets and the children have really impressed us with their sewing skills! 

We are all looking forward to the Grandparent Afternoon next week. Please don't worry if your child hasn't got a visiting grandparent, we will still make sure they have a lovely afternoon.

Just a quick reminder to return the parent evening slips asap, thank you!


Week 4

This week we have enjoyed watching clips from Toy Story. We have done some super drawings on the ipads and collages of the different characters which are now going up in our classrooms! In Spanish this week we had great fun doing some Spanish dancing with Mrs Estella. 

If you haven't returned your slips for our grandparents afternoon please return them asap as how we organise the afternoon will depend on numbers. Thank you. 

Week 3

This week we have continued learning about old toys and enjoyed a visit from a special bear that belonged to Miss Fox's Grandfather!

We have been working hard on 'time' in maths - the children all really enjoyed some 1 minute challenges.

A letter has come home tonight about Grandparent Afternoon - it is on 11th February, we are looking forward to meeting all the grandparents!


Week 2

We have had a really busy and fun week in Year 1. At the start of the week we were lucky to have an interesting visit from Mrs Tanner. She brought lots of fascinating old toys to show us and told us lots about them.

In maths we have been using grams to weigh objects around the classroom. The children were so good at this we decided to put it into practice and do some biscuit baking on Friday - we hope you enjoy the biscuits we made!

Spring Term

Welcome back! We hope you have all had a lovely holiday.

Thank you for all our kind cards and presents.


We launched our new toy topic with a fun afternoon dancing with the Wii and sharing the children's toy photos. We all really enjoyed it!

In maths we have been thinking about tens and ones - and counting on in 10. 

We have enjoyed getting our laptops out this week and have started doing some word processing - the children have really impressed us.

We have had to change our PE days - we will now have PE on a Monday and a Wednesday. Please ensure PE kits are at school, thank you.

Homework has been set again today, please try and return it by Thursday next week. The children also have spellings, please continue to support them by helping them little and often.

Here's a few photos from the week:

Week 7

Merry Christmas everyone! We had a lovely party today.......

Week 6

The children should all be super proud of themselves for their part in our Christmas play.

Here is a few photographs just before we did our second performance!

Week 5

The Christmas play is coming on nicely - and the children are really looking forward to performing it next week! Thank you for all the costumes you have sent in.

This week we have been working with money in maths - the children have really impressed us. The children all seemed to enjoy getting their spellings and doing their spelling activities at school. They will be tested on Wednesday so please practise little and often. We are not setting homework this week so you can focus on spellings.


Weeks 3 + 4

(Sorry we didn't update last Friday - our internet was down!)

In maths we had a busy and wet time learning about capacity - thank you for all the lovely homework too!

We also really enjoyed some poems by Shirley Hughes titled 'I like....' and the children wrote and performed these so well.

This week we had a surprising letter from Town Mouse asking us all about Abbey Road so he can plan a visit for his friend Country Mouse - the children have written some lovely letters back so we hope they will come and visit soon!

A couple of reminders:

- If it's dry then Wednesday PE will be outside so please ensure your child has jogging bottoms / warm top.

- Our year group raffle hamper is waiting to be filled up with lovely red goodies!

- Please send in named bags with any clothing requirements for our Christmas play as soon as you can, but by Friday at the latest.



Week 2

Another busy week in Year 1 - it was a lovely non-uniform day - thank you for the generous donations to Children in Need.

We have had an interesting time learning about the festival of Diwali this week. The children wrote some great stories about Rama and Sita.

Thank you for the clothing donations to our new role play area - we are hoping to open the clothes shop next week! We still need boys clothes - if you have any we would be very grateful.



Week 1

Welcome back! We hope that you all had a fantastic half term holiday. 

Our new half term began with a fun Autumn Day on Tuesday, we all enjoyed dressing up and being super creative! Please enjoy looking at the photos.


Another highlight of our week was going on a number hunt around Year 1 - we had to look carefully to collect only even numbers!

Week 7

What a fantastic first half term! The children have really settled well into Year 1.

This week we have been designing, making and evaluating houses - we hope you liked them. We are really proud of the great writing the children have produced in literacy this week about Jack and the Beanstalk - super sentences!

Have a lovely half term break - here are some photos of our week:


Week 6

We have had a big focus on shapes in maths this week and we hope the children are now really great at naming and describing 2D and 3D shapes!

We had lots of fun doing our sponsored run with all the children putting in a great team effort - please bring any sponsor money into school asap. Thank you!

Next week we are making 3D box models of houses so please could we ask for you to collect boxes over the weekend and bring in on Monday or Tuesday? No larger than cereal boxes please.


Week 5

We have had a lovely week in Year 1. We have busy working on number bonds to 10 and especially enjoyed our problem solving towards the end of the week. We are all really enjoying learning our song 'Hey You' and keeping the pulse in music lessons, especially now we are using instruments! Today we had fun walking around the school looking at different building materials and taking photos on the ipads.

Enjoy looking at some photos from our week.

Week 4

This week was very exciting when Jack and the Beanstalk came to visit our school! It was a fantastic show and the children really enjoyed it.

We have been busy making collages of cities and villages which are up in our classrooms making them look lovely.

Congratulations to all the children who ran in the mini marathon last Sunday - we enjoyed looking at your medals.

A big thank you to all the kitchen rolls sent in - the children had fun making Rapunzel's tower. 

Just a quick reminder to return your parent evening forms to us please. 


Week 3

This week we have enjoyed our walk around West Bridgford looking at different types of homes and different building materials. A big thank you to the parents who came along to help us.

We have also been having a fun time in maths with weighing and measuring and have enjoyed using different sized bricks to print with and create patterns. PE is always a highlight for us all! We have been travelling in different ways, focusing on changing height and direction.

Here are some photos from our week:


Week 2

Another busy week in Year 1!

We have enjoyed looking at building materials, thinking about what houses are made of and sharing our RE belonging items.

Keep remembering to bring your reading books to school every day.

Here are some photos of the houses 1P made for the little pigs and some great ipad drawings too. 1WB enjoyed showing signs of belonging during circle time:




Week 1

We have had a lovely week in Year 1. We have enjoyed getting to know all of the children. The highlight of the week was our fun Den Building afternoon to launch our new topic - Which materials should the Three Little Pigs have used to build their house?


Dear class 1BW,

I would like to say a massive thank you to all of the children and parents for the lovely gifts and cards that I received at the end of term. I had so many special gifts and really enjoyed spending my vouchers on a new outfit. I enjoyed the beautiful flowers, my home looked like a florists for weeks! It is lovely to see you all in year 1 looking so grown up. I loved teaching you all last year. You are a very special class. I know that Mrs. Boughton and Mrs. Worton are enjoying teaching you all. Please come and say hello to me in the playground. Love to you all. Mrs. Simistersmiley heart 


Year 1 Den Building

Year 1 Den Building 1
Year 1 Den Building 2
Year 1 Den Building 3
Year 1 Den Building 4
Year 1 Den Building 5
Year 1 Den Building 6
Year 1 Den Building 7
Year 1 Den Building 8
Year 1 Den Building 9
Year 1 Den Building 10
Year 1 Den Building 11
Year 1 Den Building 12
Year 1 Den Building 13
Year 1 Den Building 14


Milk - If your child wants to have milk at school please remember to register asap at the Cool Milk website. Now your child is Year 1 they will no longer automatically get milk unless you register.


Water - Please send a named bottle filled with water every day.


PE - We now do PE on a Wednesday and Thursday so please ensure the children all have a PE kit at school. We will send PE kits home at half term for washing!


Named Clothing - Please do ensure all items are named. Children are losing clothing and it's very hard to return it correctly when there's no name.









Welcome to Year 1 - 2015

We hope you have had a lovely Summer.

We are looking forward to the year ahead.


Keep looking on here for photographs and information about our year group.