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            Welcome To Foundation

                        September 2015

Sunshine Class

Mrs. Simister (Foundation Leader) Mrs. Brown Teaching Assistant.

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Rainbow Class

Miss Pearson (Class Teacher) and Mrs Trussell (Teaching Assistant)

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Week Beginning 11th July

Foundation Trip To Spain

We were very excited on our way to the airport. Our hand luggage was packed, we had our boarding pass' and passports ready. After getting through passport control we got settled on the aircraft.The flight was fun and we enjoyed snacks and a cartoon on the way. After a smooth landing, we exited the plane and made our way to the Spanish restaurant and park. We enjoyed olives, grapes, oranges, chorizo, bread and olive oil, sangria and lemon magdalenas for dessert.

Here are some photos of our trip.

Foundation Trip to Ferry Farm!


We had such a lovely time on our trip on Friday. We got to see and learn about many different farm animals such as cows, pigs, horses, chickens and sheep. There were many baby animals like calves, piglets and lambs. In the barn, we also had the chance to stroke some animals such as lambs, rabbits and guinea pigs. There was even a bearded dragon!

The children were so well behaved and did themselves and Abbey Road proud. Well done, everybody!

A great big THANK YOU to the wonderful parents who joined us to help. We wouldn't be able to do it without you smiley

Here are some photos from our fabulous day...

Week Beginning 20th June

We have had a fun week taking our learning from 'The Gruffalo ' story.

We followed instructions and measured carefully to make Gruffalo soup using sticks, stones, water and salt, yummy!!

We built dens for the Gruffalo and had a pretend picnic, sharing food between different animals.


In our writing we described the Gruffalo. What amazing writers we have in Foundation!

We made some Gruffalo's out of play- dough and we made som paper bag puppets.

We also made some real Gruffalo crumble, using bananas and fresh berries. It tasted delicious!

In P.E. we had a little practise for sports day which was good fun!

Week commencing 13th June

We've had a fun week finding out more about jungle animals and also learning about the Bible story, Noah's Ark.

Lots of our challenges were to do with Noah's Ark this week. Here we are building our own Arks outside and seeing how many animals we could fit on the boat before it sank!

During our morning Finger Gym, we made some bird feeders and hung them up outside.
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Rainbow Class had an unusual Show and Tell this week in the form of beautiful Sienna, Hema's little sister! We were all thrilled to meet her and we had sooo many questions for Hema and her Mummy. Thank you, Hema's Mummy for coming in to see us. frown
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Here are some more photographs from our week, including supporting England in their match against Wales and playing listening games in music...

Thank you so much for your kind donations of chocolate and mystery bags for the summer fair, we hope to see many of you on Saturday.

Next week's phonics sounds for Miss Pearson's and Mrs Simister's groups will be 'or' as in 'horn' and 'ir' as in 'bird'.

Have a fantastic weekend, everybody! smiley


Week Beginning 6th June

We hope that you all had an enjoyable half term break.The children look refreshed and eager after their holiday.

This term we are learning about jungle and farm animals.

The children have done some amazing writing retelling the story "Dear Zoo" this week.

We have enjoyed the good weather outside, playing on our fabulous new water wall and working as teams making dens.

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Picture 3
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It was time to let our butterflies free!

They had all come out of their cocoons and their wings had dried out.

They flew off happily into the sunshine to lay some eggs.

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The children came with some really good heroes to talk about on Wednesday.

They enjoyed sharing their heroes with their friends.

Well done everyone!

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Week commencing 23rd May

We have been continuing our learning about dinosaurs this week and we all wrote our very own Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs adventure. The children thought of some really exciting stories!

We had a very special Music Day on Monday. We got to try Samba drumming, we learnt about rhythms, we made a shaker and also learnt a song that we performed to the whole school!

We had a lovely time with our year four buddies on Thursday. They came to tell us some stories and we also shared some books together. Thank you, year four, we loved it! smiley
We've been having so much fun with our new water wall. Thank you, Mr Smith for making it for us, we are very lucky!
We hope you have a super week off! See you on Monday 6th June frown
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Week Beginning 16th May

We have had fun learning about dinosaurs this week.

We were amazed to see that there were dirty dinosaur footprints in our middle area and a nest with dinosaur eggs! We thought that all of the dinosaurs were extinct! Maybe there is just one left?!

We had fun outside measuring the size that actual dinosaurs were in meters  using the trundle wheel.

We couldn't believe how big they were!

We have been busy learning about the features of different dinosaurs and sorting them into herbivores and carnivores.

We have done some fabulous drawings of dinosaurs, written some facts about dinosaurs and done lots of dinosaur challenges.

Week commencing 9th May

We've had a really fun week continuing our learning about mini-beasts. This week, we were finding out all about snails. We enjoyed observing the snails in our mini-beast lab!

We were incredibly proud of all the children on Friday - they were absolute superstars in the Speaking and Listening event. Thank you parents for helping the children with line learning and coming along to support them. frown

These photos are from Thursday's practise...

Week Beginning 3rd May

Exciting news this week. Mrs Brown's beautiful baby daughter Darcie May arrived on Tuesday, weighing 7lb 9oz. They are both doing well . 

It has been a busy four day week in Foundation.

We have been watching our caterpillars grow and learning about the life cycle of a butterfly.

We learnt that caterpillars have 6 real legs and lots of fake ones, so it is still an insect.

We can not wait for the cocoons to form.

We enjoyed 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' story and have been getting ready for our speaking and listening event on Friday 13th at 9.15am in the hall. All very welcome.

The children have been making the food that the caterpillar ate and painting some symmetrical butterflies.

We have written part of the story, what amazing writers we have in Foundation. So proud of you all!!

Making fruit from The Hungry Caterpillar Story and Jonah and the Whale pegs

Experimenting with colour mixing

Experimenting with colour mixing 1

We have enjoyed taking our learning outside, including a maths hunt finding number bonds to 10.

Now Summer has finally arrived, please send your child with sun cream applied that lasts all day and a sun hat.

Also please ensure that they have a water bottle.

Please, please, please send your child with their reading books and folders everyday, otherwise they may miss out on having their book changed. Also please put any wow moments or letters in their book bag but not in their reading folder. This makes it easier for us to find.

We are learning about snails next week, please bring in any snails that you can find in your garden. They may well be hiding in the sunshine so look in any dark, damp corners!!

Many Thanks

See you at our Mini Beast Show on Friday 13th 9.15am.indecision


Week commencing 25/04/16

This week we have started our exciting new topic, mini-beasts! The highlight of our week was going out in to the environment to find mini-beasts. We looked at them through magnifying glasses and also carefully picked them up to put them in to jars. After looking at them, we returned all the creatures back to where we found them. frown

In Literacy, we wrote information texts about what we know about spiders. We are really amazed with how well the children's writing is progressing. smiley

In Maths, we have been solving problems using spiders, working out number bonds to 10 and revising shape properties.

In P.E. we listened to some classical music, Flight of the Bumblebee. At first, Miss Pearson kept the name a secret and we had to guess what mini-beast Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov was thinking of when he composed the music. We moved around the hall like different mini-beasts. Then, when we found out what the name was, we all moved like bumblebees around the hall, collecting nectar to make honey!

We also had a special delivery this week. There are five baby caterpillars in the Foundation Unit, we are watching them grow bigger and bigger every day. Soon, they will make a cocoon and then, when they emerge as butterflies, we will release them.

We hope you have a fantastic three day weekend! Enjoy frown


Week Beginning 18th April

Welcome back we hope that you all had a relaxing and fun holiday.

We can't believe it is the last term in Foundation!!!

We have spent the week getting ready for Queen Elizabeth II  90th birthday.

We all painted a portrait of the Queen. They all looked amazing.

We collaged and cut out  a crown for her head.

In our Maths challenge this week we counted out 90 candles to go on the Queen's birthday cake.

We were able to put them into lines of 10 and count in tens.

In Literacy we wrote a letter, telling the Queen what we had been learning and asking her some questions. They are on the way to Buckingham Palace. Fingers crossed that she has time to write back!!

In the construction area we built some famous land marks in London.

We made Big Ben and Tower bridge.

We also made some fantastic castles using boxes at the making table.

On Thursday we celebrated the big day with a delicious picnic.

The year sixes helped us to complete a quiz and find the letters to make the words Queen Elizabeth.

We decorated some royal cakes which we enjoyed eating in the sunshine.

Thank you Miss Angel for organising cake decorating for the whole school.

We have also enjoyed experimenting with moving water this week. We used the pipes to move the water without spilling any!! Enjoy the pictures below.

Please ensure that your child has their reading folder with them every day, as we hear them read at different times during the week. Also some children are still needing help getting dressed for P.E. please help your child to be independent ready for year one by giving them extra time in the mornings so that they can dress themselves.

Please, please, please ensure that all clothes and P.E. kits are clearly marked with your child's name. Thank you.smiley

Week beginning 28th March.

This week we have been learning all about how to stay fit and healthy. We talked about what kinds of food we should eat lots of and which foods we should only have sometimes. In P.E., we had a go at circuit training as we found out that exercise is an important part of staying healthy.

In Maths we have been practising adding, taking away, doubling and halving. Here are some photographs of us learning about sharing.

Don't forget to decorate your crowns ready for the Queen's 90th birthday celebration when we get back to school!

Thank you for all your support over this term. We hope you all have a wonderful two week break smiley see you on Monday 18th April.


Here is a song we enjoyed listening to this week frown:


Week Beginning 21st March

We have had lots of Easter fun in Foundation this week.

We have learnt about the Christian  Easter story and enjoyed acting it out.

We had a hunt outside looking for bunny feet . We found all of the letters of the alphabet and matched them to the capital letters.

Bunny Feet Hunt

Easter Small World

We have also been getting creative printing Easter cards, please look in your child's book bag and take it out!!

We enjoyed melting chocolate to make Easter nests.

Yummy Chocolate nests

Yummy Chocolate nests 1

We even had a visit from the Easter Bunny. He had hidden lots of chocolate eggs and bunnies on the school field.

Our buddies from 4M helped us to find them.

(Photos on Twitter)

Wishing you all a Very Happy Easter.

Have a lovely long weekend.

See you all on Tuesday.

Week commencing 14th March

The Sunshine and Rainbow classes have had another very busy week!

Here we are making jelly as we learnt about dissolving. We enjoyed tasting it after it had set in the fridge!

We had a very special visit from Doctor Burns (Ethan's Daddy!) this week. He showed us what's inside his doctor's bag and even let us have a go at being doctors ourselves. Thank you, we had a wonderful time!
In maths, we have been learning about measuring using non-standard units.
On Friday, we took part in a sponsored run with other activities for Sport Relief. We had a great time and also got to see our year 4 friends again. smiley
Here are some more photographs of our learningfrown...

Next week's phonics sounds will be revision of 'oo' as in 'book'/'cool' and introduction of 'er' as in 'better'.

Have a super weekend! See you on Monday. smiley

Week Beginning 7th March

We had a shock on Monday morning when we found out that Mr Messy had been and left a big mess!!

He had left a letter telling us what fun he had had. The children were not impressed and  decided to write back  and tell him to come and tidy up.


Busy writing to Mr Messy

Luckily he came back with Mr Neat and Mr Tidy and cleared up his mess.

We have had fun experimenting with some kinetic sand this week.

It stuck together to make different structures and didn't behave like normal sand at all!

Picture 1

Phonic fun!

This week in phonics we will be practising the f sound and the th sound which makes two different phonemes th as in them, that, this and the and th as in thin, think and teeth, remind your child about the naughty clown ,sticking his tongue out to make the th sound!!

Please can you send in any tins e.g. baked bean tins, please wash and soak off the labels and file down any sharp edges. We can then paint them with magnetic paint to make a new construction kit!

Bear words will be sent home on Wednesday.

Thank you for all of your support.smiley

Week beginning 29th February

This week we have been learning all about Mother's Day and thinking about what makes our mums so special. We have been very busy preparing for a tea party for our mums. Here are some photographs of us baking delicious cupcakes!

We followed the recipe carefully, weighed out the ingredients, mixed them together and spooned the mixture in to cupcake cases. Then, we put them in the oven for 20minutes. When they were cool, we decorated them with icing sugar flowers.

As well as making cupcakes, we also did some writing for our mums explaining why we love them and made cards using wax crayons and a paint wash.

Here are some photographs from our lovely tea party. Thank you to everyone who came along. smiley

Here are some more photographs from our busy week!

Some people were enquiring about Bear Words at Parents Evening. Please could you write a note in your child's reading record when you are happy that they can read their current set and you would like the next set. We will be assessing Bear Words over the next few weeks.

Next week in Phonics, Mrs Simister's and Miss Pearson's group will be revising the 'ch' and 'sh' sounds.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend! See you on Monday. frown

Week Beginning 23rd February

Welcome back!! We hope that you all had a lovely half term break.

It is great to see the children back looking so refreshed and ready to learn.

Our new topic is the "Mr Men."

We started the topic by thinking of their own Mr Man or Little Miss character.

The children had some creative ideas. They wrote a description of their character and drew some super pictures.

Picture 1
Busy making Mr Bump collages.

Sorting magnetic and non-magnetic objects

Sorting magnetic and non-magnetic objects 1

Finger gym - trying to line the sequins up like Mr Perfect!

Finger gym - trying to line the sequins up like Mr Perfect! 1

Moving like the different Mr Men characters in P.E.

Musical Fun!

Week commencing 8th February


This week in Foundation, we have been celebrating Chinese New Year. We found out that 2016 is the Year of the Monkey and learnt about the animal race.


One of our challenges was to write our names using Chinese symbols. It was unusual writing down the page instead of across!

In maths, we learnt about ordinal number linked to the race of the animals for the Chinese Zodiac. Then, we had our own races using cars and awarded them 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th place.
Our morning Finger Gym activities were also linked to Chinese New Year...
Here we are getting busy during Phonics...
Dennis and Boris were poorly this week after playing out over night without their coats on! Luckily, we had lots of little Doctors to help them and write down what they needed to do to get better. smiley
Here are some more photographs from our week including P.E., playing in our hospital, outdoor fun and our technology lesson in which we had a go at using Paint!

Phew! What a busy week!


After half-term, Miss Pearson's phonics group will be focusing on the sounds 'oa' as in 'coat' and 'air' as in 'fair'. Mrs Simister's group will be focusing on 'ear' as in 'dear' and 'ai' as in 'rain'.


We hope you all have a wonderful break. See you on Tuesday 23rd February! frown

Week Beginning 1st February

We have learnt so much this week, we have been learning how to double numbers and the names and properties of 3D shape.

Sorting shapes that roll and shapes that slide.

Making pizza with different shapes.

We start every morning with finger gym activities to develop our fine motor skills. Here we are getting busy!
The high light of the week was our Foundation wedding. This was to fit in with our R.E topic on Christianity. We made wedding cards, guest lists, button holes, confetti and bouquets. What fun we had! Lucy and Aaron made a wonderful couple! There was not a dry eye in the room!!

Other Activities from the week.

Next week Miss Pearson's phonic group will be learning the phonemes ear as in fear, and ai as in rain. Mrs Simister's phonic group will be learning the phonemes air as in chair and oa as in goat.  You could practise writing and reading some words at home.

Week commencing 25th January

We have had a really fun week learning about the Fire Service. We were really lucky to have some Fire Fighters from West Bridgford Fire Station come in and visit us. They even brought their Fire Engine to show us! It was really interesting learning about all the equipment and we even got to go inside!

We have also been busy playing in our very own Fire Station. We all had a go at filling out an incident form and then going to fight the fire!
With Miss Beech and Miss Aucote, we transformed boring old boxes in to fabulous fire engines! Some of us haven't finished yet and it's not too late to bring in a box if you haven't started making one yet. smiley
One of our challenges was to build a fire engine in the construction area. There were some wonderful fire engines and also many other creative designs.
Here are some more photographs of us from this week including Finger Gym activities, phonics, technology, outdoor learning, maths (halving numbers) and more!
We said farewell to our lovely friend Muheul who is moving house and will be starting at a new school on Monday. We shared some cake and wished him good luck at his new school. You will be missed, Muheul!
Picture 1

Next week, Miss Pearson's and Mrs Simister's phonics groups will be focusing on the sounds 'ow' as in 'cow' and 'oi' as in 'coin' if you would like to practise them with your children at home.

We hope you have a fantastic weekend. See you on Monday! frown

Week Beginning 18th January

Another busy week in Foundation. It started with a walk to the library. This fitted into our R.E topic of "Belonging".Thank you so much to all of the Mummies and Daddies who gave up their time to come with us.

We spotted lots of street furniture, shops and houses on the way. The children did so well walking there and managed to find everything on their sheets. They were all so well behaved, we were very proud of them!!

We enjoyed story time at the library and found out about the different books that we could borrow.

Trip to the library

We have been learning about The Police this week and how they help us by keeping us safe.

We made some wanted criminal posters which we have up in the classroom. We drew some really scary looking criminals

and described what they look like! We made some finger prints with the ink and used the magnifying glasses to examine them and see how they are all different. We also did some secret writing using white crayon and painted over a wash to reveal our secret writing.

Secret Writing

Secret Writing 1
We had a visit from the Police! They talked to us about how to keep safe and showed us their hand-cuffs and uniform. We had thought of lots of questions to ask them and they answered them all. We learnt about why they have numbers on their shoulders, why they have florescent  jackets and why they have computers in their cars. We also got to see inside the police car and learnt why they have a siren and flashing lights.

Visit from The Police


we have been ordering  any three numbers up to 20 and beyond. We have been saying one more and one less than a given number. We have also been experimenting with different numbers that add up to 10. We learnt a number bond rap - ask your child to sing it to you. We have also been writing number sentences to show the different ways of making 10.


We played a cops and robbers game and moved on the apparatus on different body parts, making sure we kept down low.



We have been learning how to programme the Beebots to make them move forwards, backwards and do quarter turns.

We were able to make them move in the grids and even wrote our own instructions using the correct symbols. Miss Pearson was very impressed with our programming skills.

Please send in a shoe box this week as we are going to be making some fire engines,

with Miss Beech and Miss Aucote our Teacher Training students. Thank you.smiley

Week beginning 11th January

This week we have really enjoyed receiving replies to the letters we sent to mummies and daddies. Thank you so much to all those parents who took the time to reply to their children, they were so excited to receive a letter at school!

We have been enjoying playing in our post office, delivering letters and parcels. Also, we started to think about other people who help us such as police officers, fire fighters and doctors. On Wednesday, we made some fabulous vehicle pictures. They make a marvellous display!

In maths, we have been revisiting repeating pattern and also learning about symmetrical pattern. Here are some photographs of us exploring different kinds of patterns...
In our technology session, we developed our programming skills by writing instructions for a car to travel through a grid. The children did a fabulous job! smiley
P.E. was very exciting as we had the apparatus out. The children were superb at climbing, balancing and negotiating obstacles. Well done, everyone!
We had a special assembly with Mr Edmonds this week. He told us he wanted us to think like a giraffe! Giraffes never give up, they try hard at tricky tasks, they think about how to get better at things and they try new things. Even Dennis has tried to be like a giraffe. He wasn't very good at houses, but with lots of practise and help from the children, he made lots of progress! smiley
Picture 1
Here are some more photographs from our busy week! Have a fantastic weekend. frown

Week Beginning 5th January

Happy New Year Everyone.

It is lovely to see all of the children back, and so eager to learn.

Thank you so much for all of the thoughtful gifts and vouchers we received at Christmas.

We have been busy in our role-play Post Office this week.

Delivering and sorting parcels and letters.

The children worked so hard writing a letter to you all.

We would really appreciate you writing a reply to our school address.

Thank you so much to all of the parents who gave up their time to join us on our walk to the post-box. We couldn't do these things without your support. 

The children were all so excited and enjoyed posting their letters.

Walk to the post-box

Friday was an exciting day as we got changed for P.E. for the first time!

The children did very well, getting themselves organised.

We practised football skills in the hall.

In ICT on Friday we practised our programming skills.

We pretended to be robots and programmed our partners to go forwards and do quarter turns.

We then followed the symbols and wrote our own instructions.


Help Needed...

If anyone is available on Monday the 18th January at 9.30am Sunshine Class and 10.00am Rainbow Class to walk with us to the library please let a member of staff know as soon as possible. Sorry for the wrong date on the original letter. If your child has a library card please send it with them on the day. We will be sending some forms home for you to fill in and sign if you would like your child to join the library.

We are on the hunt for some big cable drums. About 1 metre wide as we want to make some small world tables to enhance our learning environment. If you are able to help us track some down we would be delighted to hear from you.

Many Thanks for your continual support.

Week beginning 14th December.

What a lovely, festive week in Foundation! We made some wonderful Christmas creations including Christmas tree cards, angels, salt-dough Santas and calendars for 2016. The children did a wonderful job and are excited to bring them home to show you!


In preparation for our party, we made some super sparkly Christmas crowns! frown
Picture 1
On Thursday, we arrived in our best outfits, excited for the Christmas party. We played some party games and enjoyed some food with our friends.
Afterwards, we went over to the hall with the year 1 and 2 children to meet a very special visitor...we could barely contain our excitement while we were waiting!
Santa Claus read us a Christmas story and, before leaving on his sleigh to get back to the North Pole, gave us some sweeties and a class book each.
Here are some more photographs from our week...
Well done, children, for all your achievements this term. You have been very busy and we hope you enjoy your Christmas holiday. Thank you, parents, for all your support and we hope you have a very merry Christmas. See you in 2016 (Tuesday 5th)!
Picture 1

Week Beginning 7th December

Wow! Well done Foundation on your fantastic Nativity play. You were all superstars, super singing, clear loud narrators, and you all looked fab! We were so proud of you all!

Superstars, Mary, Joseph and donkey.

Superstars, Mary, Joseph and donkey. 1

Beautiful singing angels

Proud Kings

Proud Kings 1

Amazing camels

Amazing camels 1

Our wonderful band, looking very dapper!

Our wonderful band, looking very dapper! 1

Fab horse narrators.

 Fab horse narrators. 1

Super cow narrators

Super cow narrators 1

The sweet shepherd's sheep!

The sweet shepherd's sheep! 1

Wonderful sheep narrators.

Wonderful sheep narrators. 1

Super Shepherds!

Super Shepherds! 1

Shining stars!

Shining stars! 1

Amazing innkeepers and their wives.

Amazing innkeepers and their wives. 1

Week beginning 30th November

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Foundation Stage! We have been busy designing and making toys in Santa's Workshop. Also, we have been listening to Christmas music and enjoying Christmas books in our Snow Den.

At the creative table, we were busy making snowmen. They look fantastic!
Some of our challenges this week included number recognition and ordering. Here we are ordering lolly sticks with numbers on in play dough and matching numbers on pegs to the number of dots. We have also done some ordering during carpet maths.
We have been very busy using different technological devices in Foundation. This week, we have had some new phones as well as remote control cars.
Another of our challenges was to build a tower from paper cups, we got really good at it after a little practise!
We have been very busy rehearsing for our Christmas Performance. This week, we had our first dress rehearsal, we look amazing in our outfits! Here is a sneak peak...
Picture 1
We can't wait for you to come and see our show on Tuesday or Wednesday. Bring your tissues! smiley

Week Beginning 23rd November

This week we have been learning about time in Mathematics. We have been using the sand timers to find out what we can do in 1 minute. We worked outside to see how many laps we could do in one minute on the bike, space hopper or running. We made up our own games using the timers in the maths area. We had different sized containers and different objects to see how many objects we could put in different containers in 1 minute.


We also learnt how to tell the time when the hands were at O' clock.
We have been making lots of creations in preparation for our snow den. We used cold colours, blue, white and silver. You will be able to visit our snow den on Monday at 3 O' clock for part of our shared learning.

Finger gym - We put the correct number of snow balls on the numerals using the tweezers.

Finger gym -  We put the correct number of snow balls on the numerals using the tweezers. 1

Frozen sculptures

Frozen small world play

Frozen small world play 1

Week beginning 16th November

This week, we have started our new topic 'Winter Wonderland'. We have enjoyed lots of stories about animals who live in cold places such as polar bears, penguins and arctic foxes.

We also thought about how polar bears stay warm in such freezing conditions. There were some excellent suggestions such as their thick white fur, snow dens and even hats and scarves! Then, we carried out an experiment using ice and lard. We felt the ice with out hands first; it was freezing cold! After that, we put our hands in to the "blubber mitten" and we found out that you couldn't feel the cold ice anymore. This is how polar bears keep warm - they have a thick layer of blubber under their fur.

In P.E., we went on an imaginary journey to the North Pole to search for polar bears. Here we are acting out flying on a plane, making snow angels, pretending to be polar bears hunting for food and then curling up to go to sleep!
We have enjoyed playing with the Winder Wonderland small world.

Here some more photographs of our fun and learning from this week including;

  • role playing in the ice cream parlour,
  • getting creative at the painting easel,
  • working as a team in the construction area,
  • practising our Christmas Show songs,
  • taking photographs with our new cameras.

Week Beginning 9th November

This week we have been learning about how Hindus celebrate Diwali.

We have joined in with many celebrations.

We listened to the story of Rama and Sita and enjoyed acting it out.

We wrote Diwali cards to our family and friends.
Look at us investigating light in our dark dens ! We explored how to make different colours using coloured blocks and torches.
We made diva lamps from clay and rangoli patterns from coloured rice. 
Picture 1

We made Mehndi patterns in the play-dough.

We made Mehndi patterns in the play-dough. 1

We made bridges to rescue Sita from the island she was captured on.

We made bridges to rescue Sita from the island she was captured on. 1

We enjoyed some Indian food and dancing.

On Wednesday  we made our own poppies and we had a 2 minute silence to remember the soldiers that died in the war.

Week commencing 02/11/15

Welcome back, everyone! It has been a busy (and rainy!) week back.

We were all excited about Bonfire Night this week and we did lots of activities to celebrate. Also, we learned all about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot - the reason why we have Bonfire Night! Take a look at some of the fun things we did this week to do with fireworks...

In maths this week, we have been focusing on measuring. We have been using the language of 'tall', 'taller', 'tallest' and 'small', 'smaller', 'smallest'. Also, we looked at how to measure things accurately and used different equipment to measure such as feet, hands, cubes as well as rulers and tape measures.
One of our favourite activities this week was heating marshmallows on a barbeque. We discussed how to be safe when using the barbeque and also made predictions about what would happen when the marshmallows were held over the heat. We observed changes such as the marshmallows turning brown and becoming gooey. They tasted delicious!
Here are a few more snaps from our week...
Have a great weekend!

Week Beginning 19th October

What a week, poor Pip was sick and we had to take him to the Abbey Road vets!!

Thankfully the vets did a good job of making him better and he is now feeling fine.


In shape, space and measure we have been doing lots of measuring. We have ordered the three bears into tall, medium and short. We have cut  strips into long, medium and short and measured them using cubes. We have also been building short, medium and tall towers.

In Maths we have been counting and problem solving using Numicon.

We have used the dough to make templates. We have used the tweezers and pompoms to match the correct amount of pompoms to the holes. We have had Numicon in the water to count the correct number of glass beads. We managed to find lots of different ways to make 5 and 10 using the Numicon.

Child initiated play.

The children decided to get creative and build their own bonfire and fire work display.

They worked so well together and were very proud of their creations.

Week beginning 12th October 2015.

Sunshine and Rainbow class have been very busy this week! On Monday, we had another special visit from Mrs Tanner. She had been to Story Book Land for a holiday but came back with the wrong items packed in her suitcase! She needed our help to sort all the items out and return them to their owners.

Lots of us brought in Autumn objects this week. We used them to practise letter writing, make faces, create collages and make dens for some woodland animals.