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Abbey Gardens

April - May 2017

The Year 2's have had a busy time :

Pulling rhubarb

(which they then used during cooking club with Mrs Madden and team)

  • Planting seeds and remembering to water them
  • Chitting, planting and covering up the potatos
  • Weeding
  • Planting out cabbages kindly donated by Hannah's Grandad
  • Covering the strawberries so the birds don't eat them

January 2017

Our new batch of keen Year 2 gardeners have pulled on their gloves and wellies and headed over to the gardens this week. They have enjoyed weeding the beds, discovering that birds and squirrels like to eat sweetcorn too but most excitedly finding snails and worms!

September 2015

It was lovely having the Year 3's come back to Gardening Club to harvest their produce and have a general tidy up before the Winter months set in.

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2MI enjoyed a lesson in the sunshine this Thursday, weeding and pulling rhubarb, whilst thinking about being kind to others: the poor strawberries were being overpowered by the weeds so we helped them out and gave them room to grow.
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The newest members of Gardening club from 2P have enjoyed their first few trial weeks and are ready to continue planting seeds and watching their potatos grow. They have also weeded beds and emptied the two containers at the front of the school (see twitter for photos).

Before Christmas 2MI enjoyed a 2 week trial at gardening club. They were excellent weeders and also enjoyed harvesting the leeks and gourds which had been growing since last summer.


2V will be offered their 2 week trial soon and afterwards we will see how many children would like to join. Parents will then be informed of the dates their children will be taking part.

Many thanks to everyone who has brought in Morrison's vouchers. We will be sending them off after half term, so please bring in your remaining few.
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Picking Raspberries

Pruning the fruit trees

Pruning the fruit trees 1

Planting out leeks and carrots

Planting out leeks and carrots 1
Planting out leeks and carrots 2



Group 2 learnt about harvesting rhubarb this week and were delighted to be able to harvest such a large crop. Luckily, there is plenty more growing for later in the year!


Both parents and staff were pleased to be able take some home and bake

'Abbey Gardens Rhubarb Crumble!'


In addition to harvesting, Group 2 learnt to plant potatoes, as once again we are taking part in the Potato Council's growing competition.

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Picture 3
Picture 4

Harvesting Leeks

Harvesting Leeks 1



After their taster sessions, over 50 children in Year 2 have requested

to join Gardening Club.


This week was the turn of Group 1, who weeded and planted up the flower beds, with extra primroses, at the main entrance of school.


In addition to this, the children had great fun harvesting the leeks we planted last year.


Many thanks to Homebase, who donated a couple of trays of primroses and bulbs to the club and the families who bought bulbs and seeds for us to plant.


Planting the flower beds.

Planting the flower beds. 1
Planting the flower beds. 2

Gardening Club update


In January, all the children in Year 2 were offered a two week taster session, at Gardening Club. The children had great fun, collecting leaves for the leaf mould, weeding, planting early carrots as well as planting up the flower beds at the main entrance.



See a video of Gardening Club collecting leaves during their taster sessions.

(Contact Mrs Marshall / Mr Crowson for the password)


In September, Gardening Club restarted, with the keen members of Year 3 continuing to come along. The children enjoyed harvesting the fruits of their labour as well as preparing for the coming season.

Abbey Gardens


The wildlife garden is situated directly next to the lower school block and is a fantastic resource for all our children.


We would warmly welcome donations of any of the following:


  • Plants (especially wild flowers)
  • Rockery Plants
  • Bird Food
  • Vegetable Plants and Seeds
  • Compost
  • Plants for tubs/baskets
  • Anything to help improve soil quality in      

        the vegetable patch

  • Occasional help to mow the grass


If you can help us in any way, no matter how small, we would be very grateful.  Please contact Mrs Marshall.