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April 2017

Week beginning 24th April

This week we have been learning all about snails. We enjoyed observing the snails in our outdoor area and watching to see how they move and eat. Thank you so much for sending in snails from your gardens!

We learnt about the different parts of a snail and had a go at labelling them, made play dough snails and snail collages like Henri Matisse.
In Maths, we learnt about capacity. We enjoyed playing and exploring with the water and different containers. We helped to fill a spaceship petrol tank, made potions and helped Rainbow Bear and Sunshine Bear solve different problems.

On Friday in Technology we loved using the Puppet Pals app to make our own characters by photographing our friends. We are getting really good at making our own exciting stories!

(You can download a free version of Puppet Pals for the iPad from the App Store if your child would like to practise at home!)

Here are some more photographs of our learning this week...

What a busy week!

Next week we will be learning about caterpillars and their metamorphosis into butterflies. We will enjoy the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and will use the book to inspire artwork, writing, storytelling and imaginative play.

In Maths, we will be learning about measuring.

Here are some ideas you could try if you would like to enhance your child's learning at home:

  • Watch videos of the butterfly life cycle with your child. There are many good videos on YouTube such as this one - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AUeM8MbaIk,
  • Search your garden or the park for butterflies and caterpillars,
  • Read The Very Hungry Caterpillar story at home if you have it,
  • Go to the library and look for books about the butterfly life cycle,
  • Measure each other or different objects using non-standard units such as spoons, socks, pencils etc. Discuss lining them up carefully to ensure the measurement is accurate.


If you have any unwanted (clean!) socks lying around at home, please send them in as we will be using them as part of our learning for measurement. Thank you in advance.


We hope you have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend! See you on Tuesday! frown




Week Beginning 18th April

Welcome back. We hope that you all enjoyed a lovely Easter break.

It is lovely to see the children back refreshed and ready to learn.

Our topic this half term is Mini-beasts.

We started the week with a mini-beast hunt in the school gardens and allotments.

We found lots of woodlice, ants, ladybirds, flies and a butterflies.


Look what we found on our mini-beast hunt.

We have learnt lots of information about spiders and did some super information writing.

We have had fun in finger gym picking spiders out of their web using tweezers, and

threading our own spider webs . 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

We used pegs and pipe cleaners to make our own spiders or insects.

We learnt that spiders have eight legs and insects have six legs.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Play dough spiders!

Play dough spiders! 1

Escaping from the spiders web!

Escaping from the spiders web! 1
Escaping from the spiders web! 2
Escaping from the spiders web! 3

Making min-beasts on the projector and light box.

Making min-beasts on the projector and light box. 1
Making min-beasts on the projector and light box. 2
We have enjoyed playing in our new school role -play area.
Picture 1
Picture 2

Next week we are learning about snails.

Please have a look in your garden and see if you can find any hiding!

Activities to do at home.

Have a look on the internet and find out some facts about snails or spiders.

Visit the library and borrow some information books about min-beasts.

Write some facts about your favourite min-beasts.

Hunt under rocks and stones in your garden or the park and see what min-beasts you can find!