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February 2017

Week Beginning 6th March

Thank you to everyone who came to Parents evening.

It was lovely to share your children's progress and learning with you all.

I am sure you are all as proud as we are of your wonderful children.


Wow! What a healthy week we have had!

We have learnt so much about being healthy.

We sorted food into healthy food and special treats.

We have been trying hard this week to drink all of our water.

Picture 1
Picture 2
We have made some wonderful healthy plate collages.
Picture 1
We cut out a healthy plate of food.
Picture 1
Picture 2

We enjoyed cutting up healthy fruit and vegetables to make a face picture.

It tasted delicious! Yum, yum!

Shiver me timbers! What a swash-buckling week we have had in Foundation. We have had lots of pirate-themed fun this week for World Book Day. We've really enjoyed listening to lots of pirate stories and making up our own adventures, too.

We have been learning about money this week and recognising coins.

We worked out the coins we needed to pay for our healthy food.

Good work Foundation!

Next week we are having a Science week.

We will be doing lots of  fun experiments to find out about pattern and change.

Activities to do at home.

  • Talk to your children and show them the changes that happen to food as you cook it.
  • Bake some cakes with your child and talk about weighing and the change that happens to the mixture from liquid to solid in the oven.
  • Put a stick of celery in some water with food colouring and see what happens to the celery.
  • Talk about this change.
  • Dissolve some different substances such as coffee and custard powder in hot and cold water.
  • Talk about dissolving and decide whether they dissolve more quickly in hot or cold water.
  • Find some objects in your house that bounce and don't bounce.
  • Why do you think some things bounce better than others?
  • At bath time play with some objects in the water and decide whether they sink or float.
  • Predict whether a sponge will sink or float and investigate.
  • Make a piece of kitchen foil sink and float.
  • Which shape floats better a ball or a flat shape?

Next week please bring in a small, clear plastic bottle with a lid and the label removed.

Thank you so much.

Have a happy fun weekend.smiley




Thursday was World Book Day! We were so excited to enjoy all the pirate stories. Everyone looked amazing and really got into the pirate spirit! Thank you for all the effort that went into costumes and props! frown
After looking at all our marvellous costumes, we realised we couldn't find Rainbow Bear and Sunshine Bear anywhere! We searched all over Foundation and then we found a message in a bottle from Pirate Pete. He told us that he had taken the bears and tied them up!
Picture 1
Pirate Pete said we had to write him a letter and then he would send us a map so we could find our bears...
After lunch, Pirate Pete had left us a map. We followed the map and at last we found poor Rainbow Bear and Sunshine Bear! We were so happy to see them again. We used our cutlasses to cut the ropes and free them, hooray! We were such brave pirates!
Thank you to everybody who sent books in for the Book Swap. The children really enjoyed choosing a new book to take home!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Here are some more photos from our week...

Next week, we will be learning about how to keep healthy.

Here are some ideas / activities you could do at home to enhance your child's learning:

  • Make a tally of how many fruits and vegetables / glasses of water you and your child have throughout the day,
  • Prepare a healthy dish with your child such as a fruit salad or a healthy dinner,
  • Make a poster about how to keep healthy (balanced diet, hydration, sleep, exercise, keeping clean, etc.)
  • Look at some different foods or food packets and see if your child can sort them into 'healthy' and 'unhealthy' categories,
  • Play on Busy Things games: Make a Sandwich, My Favourite Meal, Name Fruits, Name Vegetables (username: abbeypupil, password: abbeypupil).


We hope you have a lovely weekend! See you on Monday.

Week Beginning 20th February

Welcome back everyone!

We hope you had a fun and restful half term.

It is lovely to see the children back so keen to learn.

They have grown so tall over the holidays.

It is hard to believe that they are half way through their first year at school !!

This half term our topic is Mr Men.

The children are loving listening to the stories.

We have made class books, where the children have made up their own Mr Man or Little Mss character.

What super writers we have!




Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

We have been practising our finger gym activities.

Lining up the sequins like Mr Perfect!

Picture 1
Sorting out Mr Messy's mess!
Picture 1

We have been improving our cutting skills, cutting out Mr Tall.

We have been making jewellery for Little Miss Princess.

We have been getting creative making Mr Men collages.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Other photos of our learning from the week.

Next week our learning is based around the World Book Day theme of Pirates.

We will be making up our own Pirate stories.To help your child you could read them lots of Pirate stories and make up some stories together, thinking about a beginning, middle and end.

You could get creative and find an old box to decorate to make a treasure chest.

Fill it with some treasure and use it in your story.

It would be great for the children to share these chests and stories in school.

Have lots of Pirate fun! ooh arr!


Week beginning 6th February

This week, we have been learning all about birds. We made a bird hide and enjoyed spotting the birds that visit our school.

To encourage birds to visit our school, we made them some fat balls using bird seed, raisins and lard. We carefully measured half cups of the ingredients and then mixed them all together. It felt very squidgy and slimy! After they had chilled in the fridge, we hung them up in our outdoor area.
On Thursday, Alison from the RSPB came in to teach us some more about birds and to help us spot some birds around the school grounds. We saw and heard magpies, wood pigeons, robins, redwings and small tailed tits.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Here are some more photos from our week...
Well done, Rainbow and Sunshine children on another super half-term at school! We hope you have a lovely week off. frown