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May 2017

Week beginning 22nd May

This week at Abbey Road, we have been finding out about different faiths. In Foundation, we have been learning about Islam. We had our very own little Mosque to visit! We learnt that Muslim people take their shoes off in the Mosque to show respect. We enjoyed dressing up in the beautiful clothes, looking at the pictures and listening to the Islamic music.

We made some fabulous Mosque pictures!

Here we are busy with our Finger Gym activities.

This week, we practised designing and decorating, number writing, colouring and cutting skills, as well as reading and spelling tricky words...

On Tuesday, we arrived at school to find an alien had crashed his spaceship in our outdoor area! Zig had left us a letter, he wanted to know all about life on Earth. We wrote letters back to him about ourselves. We enjoyed trying to put his spaceship back together. There are definitely some budding engineers in Foundation!
Here are our marvellous mathematicians recording different ways to make 10...

Wow, what a busy week!


When we return after the break, we will be learning about dinosaurs.

If you have time this week, you could visit the library to look for some books about dinosaurs.


Your child might like to watch Andy's Dinosaur Adventures on Cbeebies. There are games and quizzes, too:


There is also an Andy's Dinosaur Adventure game available within the 'CBeebies Playtime' app.


If your child really enjoys learning about dinosaurs next half-term, you might be interested in the Dinosaurs of China Exhibition at Wollaton Park:



Thank you, parents and carers, for all your support over this half-term.

We hope you have a lovely week at home or away. Have fun and we will see you back at school on Tuesday 6th June.


Please send a named sun hat into school with your child every day next half-term and make sure they have their water bottle.

Please bring your child to school wearing sun-cream that will last for the whole day.

Thank you very much. smiley

Week Beginning 15th May

We have had a busy week learning all about ladybirds.

Thank you for bringing in ladybirds from your gardens.

We have learnt that they are insects with 6 legs.

Ask your child what they can remember.

We learnt that they have hard shells to protect their delicate wings.

They produce a yellow liquid from their knees when they are scared.

We learnt about the life cycle of a ladybird and how the female lays eggs 

 and larvae (small black grubs) are born. 

They form pupae for about a week and then an adult ladybird is born.

Picture 1
Picture 2
We painted some fantastic minibeasts to make headbands.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

One challenge was to use the paint programme on the laptops.

Super job!

Picture 1

We practised hard for our Minibeast Extravaganza!

What super star minibeasts we all were!

I hope that you all felt proud of your wonderful children?

We certainly did!smileyno


In Maths this week we have enjoyed using the 1 minute and 5 minute timers.

We have been really good at putting the hands to the correct time for o'clock.

We have helped the puppets to tell the time and enjoyed playing what's the time Mr Wolf.


Picture 1

At home ...

* keep talking to your children about the time and looking at the clocks in your house.


* Keep practising your words for the minibeast extravaganza, as we are showing the school on Thursday.


* Next week we are learning about Islam, if you have anyone who would like to come and talk about Islam

or if you have any artefacts to share, please let us know.


* Talk to your child about different faiths and borrow some simple books from the library about different faiths.

Week commencing 8th May

We were very excited to see our butterflies nibble their way out of their chrysalis' this week! They dried out their wings and had some delicious sugar water and then we took them outside to let them go.

They were a little bit shy at first and didn't want to leave their tank but when we came back from assembly they had flown away!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
We have learnt all about the lifecycle of the butterfly and had a go at drawing and labelling it.
Picture 1
Picture 2
In Maths, we have been learning about shapes and patterns.
We have been enjoying taking our learning outside...

Next week, we will be learning about ladybirds, practising our Minibeast Extravaganza and learning about time in maths.

Here are some things you could do with your child at home if you would like to enhance their learning:

  • Practise Minibeast Extravaganza lines (they can be found on a post-it note inside the front cover of Reading Diaries),
  • Go on a ladybird hunt (you could bring them to school on Monday for us all to look at!),
  • Research ladybirds and their lifecycle in books and on the internet,
  • Look at analogue clocks together - numbers, second / minute / hour hands, o'clock and half past,
  • Play on 'The Clock' on BusyThings,
  • Use sand-timers or stopwatches to time how long it takes to do something, for example, 'how many star jumps can you do in one minute?',
  • Support your child to do some writing in their Home Writing Book (please try to help your child sound out their words rather than spell words for them or have them copy).


Thank you!


We hope you can make our Minibeast Extravaganza on Friday at 9.15am, the children are going to put on a fantastic show!


Have a lovely weekend.

Week Beginning 2nd May

This week we have been learning abut caterpillars.

We are very excited as our caterpillars have changed into chrysalises.

We cannot wait for our butterflies to emerge.

We enjoyed joining in and retelling the story of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"

We wrote our own version of the story;what super independent writers we are becoming.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

We went to visit Rushcliffe Pre-School to read out our information writing about snails.

The Nursery children enjoyed learning about snails.

The teachers were so pleased to see how we had grown and become so clever!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

We have been measuring length this week.

Thank you for all of the socks sent in.

We enjoyed measuring how tall our friends are, using the socks.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

We had a problem to solve.

Some money had been taken during lunch time and a footprint had been left!

We measured the footprint with cubes and then we all measured our footprints to see who had borrowed the money!

The teachers then measured their footprints and it was the same size!

 They remembered that they had taken the money to pay for their cups of tea!

What are they like?!!


Picture 1
Picture 2

The Giant taught us the rules of measuring.

We learnt that we have to use the same object to measure with.

We learnt that we cannot overlap or leave gaps.

We learnt that we have to measure in a straight line.

The giant was looking for Jack. He was a bit grumpy so we made a spell to make him kind.

We had to make some caterpillars 5 cubes long to put in the spell.

Careful measuring everyone. Well done!


Thank you Mr Smith for our amazing new sandpit.

We have had such fun playing in it!

Picture 1
Picture 2
More fun minibeast learning from our busy week.