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New Starters Parents Briefing Presentations

Our School Day

8:45 - Morning session starts

11.45- Lunch and Midday Break starts (Foundation)

11.55- Lunch and Midday Break starts ( Key Stage 1)

12.10 - Midday Break and Lunch starts (Key Stage 2)

12.45- Afternoon session begins (Foundation)

13:00 -  Afternoon session begins ( Key Stage 1)

13.10 -  Afternoon session begins ( Key Stage 2)

15.30 - End of the school day


Short breaks are held mid-morning and mid-afternoon .



Please park courteously and consider the needs of the people who live in our community. We have new cycle and scooter parks so please cycle or scoot if you can. 


Pupil Absences

Please remember to ring in / send a letter to inform the school of all absences.  The Education Welfare Service is very vigilant in picking up patterns of non - attendance and challenging these.  They are just as vigilant in monitoring pupils who arrive at school late.  Our system of registration enables officers to identify children who have been late on a number of occasions or shows patterns of lateness and/or absence. 

Please be aware school is unable to authorise term time holidays unless there are 'exceptional' circumstances. Forms for requesting authorised absence are available from the School Office. 


If a child has been sick they should not return to school for at least 24 hours after the last time they were physically sick. 


Term Time Holidays

New national guidelines relating to school absence came into force in September 2013.

As a consequence of these changes school is no longer be able to approve requests for leave of absence for reasons that are not considered to be special or exceptional such as:


- Availability of cheap holidays and cheap travel arrangements

- Days overlapping with beginning or end of term or inset days

- Day trips

- Sporting fixtures and shows

- Holiday dates of siblings at other schools

- Parents leave of absence from work cannot be in school holidays


Parents are requested to inform school of planned absence even if your reason for absence is listed in the reasons not considered to be exceptional. If no notification of absence is received school will presume your child’s whereabouts is unknown and have to act accordingly. This results in a waste of valuable resources.



Playground: Morning Supervision

  Please be aware there is no supervision from an adult in the playground at any time, until the whistle is blown at 8.45am


Keeping Warm & Outdoor P.E.

During Winter, it is important for children to have hats, gloves & warm clothing to wear during playtimes, PE sessions, and in particular during the long lunch time break. 


Medicine In School

We are only allowed to give medication in school if the prescribed dose is for 4 times per day.  All medicines need to be brought into the school office where we will ask you to complete a consent form before we store it securely in the staffroom.


Lost Property

Our lost property box is situated near the back entrance to the main building.   PLEASE look inside and see if there is anything that belongs to your child. Named items are far more likely to be returned to their owner or not be claimed by someone else.



We would like to remind parents of the importance of checking your child’s hair for head lice. If you find live lice in your child’s hair, please make sure that you treat the hair immediately with a recommended lotion from the pharmacist or as prescribed by your doctor.  The school nurse recommends that the lotion is left on the hair for twelve hours (or overnight) and that the treatment is repeated seven days later.  Continue to comb and check hair regularly. PLEASE BE VIGILANT.


School Uniform




Grey trousers or grey school shorts

White shirt or white/yellow polo shirt (yellow polo tops still allowed but we would like to phase these out over time as they are more difficult and costly for parents to source)

Navy blue sweatshirt

Plain dark or white socks

Plain black shoes


Navy skirt or pinafore dress

Navy trousers or shorts

White shirt or white polo shirt

Blue and white checked dress (Summer)

Navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan

Plain dark or white socks

Plain black shoes (no high heels, platforms or boots above ankle height)

PE Kit

For PE lessons children should wear navy/black shorts and a white t-shirt or navy “Abbey Road” sports t-shirt. Plain dark tracksuit trousers are recommended for outdoor PE on cold days.

KS1: Plimsolls and/or trainers (child must be able to put them on and secure them independently)

KS2: Trainers (must be clean for indoor PE)


Due to the pressure on cloakroom space school recommends, and asks, that PE kit is sent to school in a (named) drawstring bag.


Please ensure PE kit is in school all week. It being in school all week means children have their PE kit with them even when timetable changes need to occur or special activities happen.



Jewellery, Hair, Make-Up & Toys

PLEASE REMEMBER - for safety and practical reasons jewellery is not allowed.  The only exceptions are wrist watches & signs of faith.


For hygiene reasons we recommend that long hair is tied back, this must be done in PE lessons for safety reasons.

We request that ears are pierced during school holidays so earrings can be kept in to ‘set’ during this period of time. If pupils need to wear earrings then they should be plain studs that can be removed for PE lessons. If earrings can’t be removed then they must be covered with tape. 


Nail varnish and make up should not be worn at school. (We recognise that this is tradition of Abbey Road School Discos so this will be excused the day after school discos)


We recognise that for some children a toy such as a diablo or the latest collection craze (such as stickers or loom bands) is a great social resource and source of sensible and safe entertainment at break and lunchtimes. As such we allow these but are clear that school will not get involved in any issues related to lost items and unhappy swaps. All items such as these must be put away at the end of break and lunch times and school is not responsible for any that are lost. As such we recommend younger children don’t bring these items at all. School also retains the right to ban any specific toys, items or latest crazes if it feels they could or are causing problems.


Please make sure all items of clothing are clearly named it means they are much more likely to get returned when lost.

Abbey Road sweatshirts, polo shirts, book bags, caps and fleeces can be purchased from our suppliers KIT OUT (order forms are available from the leaflet dispenser in the School Entrance).