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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5




Bread Making 

The children in year 5 have had a fantastic couple of days learning all about bread. Each class learnt about a range of different herbs that are grown in England and how these herbs were used for a range of things during the Anglo-Saxon period. The children had a play with yeast and learnt how Co2 is given off when mixed with warm water and sugar. Finally, the children made their own loaf of bread to take home and try. Make sure to fill out the homework sheet with your adult once you have baked your bread. 

Anglo-Saxon Day 


The children in Year 5 have had a fantastic day learning all about the Anglo-Saxons. They have had the opportunity to study real artefacts, learn a Saxon dance, learn about place names, play a variety of Anglo-Saxon games and to finish the day off be told a story about the Anglo-Saxon gods. The children have really enjoyed the day and are looking forward to learning more about our topic.

 ‘I really enjoyed the Anglo-Saxon games because I have never played them before and found them really interesting. I even would play them again!’ Daniel 5A

‘The knuckle bones were fantastic to play because they looked really cool and it was really interesting learning how to play them and I would definitely play the game again. It was really cool that they were real sheep knuckles.’ Charlie 5M

‘My favourite part of the day was learning the dance because it was really interesting to find out how different their music was to ours. Also doing it as a group was good fun!’ Megan 5DM

‘I liked the story at the end of the day because it was really funny and interesting. I liked how the story taught me about all the gods and their names.’ Chloe 5A

‘I really enjoyed the story at the end because he made the gods come to life and it made me want to research about them.’ Charlotte 5M

‘I enjoyed playing all the games because I had never played them before and they were interesting to play against other people.’ Luc 5DM