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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6


All of the adults want to say a big congratulations to Year 6 for the determination and maturity they showed last week! All year it seemed like SATs were a long way off in the distance and the, all of a sudden, they were upon us. We were so impressed with the attitude we saw in each of the children as they came to school each day, ready to do their best! Now, all the hard work has been worth it and its time to let our hair down a bit. We had fun celebrating on Friday with a bungee run, picnic lunch and afternoon ice-cream! But we're even more excited to be heading off to Scarborough for our week long residential! 

Revision is fun! (Balloon Pop)

Miss Siriboe had the fab idea of taking maths revision outdoors by hiding revision questions in balloons. Working in teams, each group had to send someone to retrieve a balloon, pop it to get the questions before they all worked together to find the answer! Crazy and fun – especially on a windy day!

Ballon Pop3.MOV

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Revision is fun! (SPaG Treasure Hunt)

All of Year 6 had a great time recapping their knowledge of grammar and punctuatiob by completing a huge treasure hunt that took them all across the school grounds. There were 24 'stations' in all, each with a SATs style question that needed to be answered before moving on. The children had a lot of fun, but next time the teachers are going to remember to make the stations a teeny weeny bit easier to find! smiley

Revision is fun! (Reading Frenzy)

With the sun shining, we decided to take our reading revision outside by inventing a game we've called Reading Frenzy! It involved reading a text and then writing 'SATs style' questions about it. The twist was that all of these questions we put into a tub and we were split into teams. One at a time, we had to run up to the tub, grab a question and take it back to the group. Once we had written our answer we were able to go get another question. Team with the highest number of answered questions wins! Simple (and great fun)!

Welcome back!

We hope you have had a wonderful break and that you found time to relax and enjoy a well earned rest. Just a reminder that we will be holding revision clubs each Tuesday for the next three weeks where we will be helping the children to recap some key areas in Maths, SPaG and Reading . These will run from 3:30 until 4:30. If you have not yet returned your form, please speak to your child's teacher if you would like your child to attend. Thank you.  

SAT Revision

In the coming weeks, we will being recapping the content we have taught this year to help the children prepare for May. As we mentioned previously, in an effort to help the children maintain a healthy view of SATs preparation, we do not intend to send home lots of practice papers. That said, a number of the children have shown an interest in working on some areas at home. With that in mind, we will use this page to post links to useful websites that could be used to revise key skills. 


The first such site is IXL. Click this link to take you to the website, then scroll down to see the Year 6 box. From here you can click on 'Maths' or 'English' to be taken to a list of objectives that the children can revise. Simple click on an objective to practice answering questions. 


We hope you find this helpful. Please ask your child's teacher if you have any questions. 

No Written Homework This Week

We have been very proud of the children's hard work during the assessments we have done this week. They have worked hard to put into practice all that we have been learning over the course of the year and, in light of their efforts, we have decided not to set home any written homework this week. We ask that you continue to hear your child read and to practice times tables with them. The normal homework system will resume next week. 

Spooky Stories in Literacy

This week we have begun a new Literacy topic about 'spooky' stories. We have explored the features of this text type, re-told suspenseful stories and even had a go at filming a thrilling movie trailer. Have a look at what we produced below!

Scary 13.mov

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Scary 12.mov

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Scary 11.mov

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Scary 2.mov

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Blitz Poetry

Inspired by the poems we have been reading in class, Mia (6G) has had a go at writing her own version of a Blitz poem. See how she has used powerful word choices to paint a picture for the reader that is full of description and metaphor! 


Circulation Animation!

These animations show the circulation of blood around the body. We have been learning about how blood moves and is driven by the heart. The red line shows blood with oxygen in it. This turns blue after the blood has travelled to the various parts of the body and dropped off its oxygen. The blood then carries carbon dioxide to the lungs where it is breathed out. At this point, the blood collects more oxygen and the cycle continues...

Travis and Nic.m4v

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Rose and Rahil.m4v

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Matthew Gaby Tia.m4v

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Jack Lois Aniya.m4v

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Ivy Charlotte Tom.m4v

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Henri Mia Emily.m4v

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Ben Joseph Amy.m4v

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World War 2 Art

Over the past few weeks we have been learning about how to draw the human body in proportion. We then used our new drawing skills to create an image of someone in WW2- either a soldier or an evacuee. To add drama and emotion to our work, we learned how to do a watercolour wash in the background. We hope you like them:

Zumba at Abbey Road

Today we took part in the sponsored Zumathon, with classes from across the school Zumba-ing all day long. Thank you to all those who took part and raised money!


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E-safety Alert

As you will be aware, school have sent home information regarding pupils' use of social media (specifically YouTube). We have also spoken to the children about this to make them aware of the dangers and to encourage them to discuss these issues with us if they wish to. However, we would appreciate your support with this and ask that you disucss this topic with your child. 

Study Guides For Sale

We have been given the opportunity to purchase study guides for English and Maths to support the children in their studies in Year 6. A bulk order would reduce the cost from £4.95 per item to £2.00. Whilst we do not endorse the product, some parents and children may find them useful. We aim to ask parents at the upcoming parents' evening and to collect the money at the same time. If this may be of interest to you, there will be opportunity for you to place an order when come for parents' evening. 


Please follow the this link for more information:  

Dancing in PE

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As part of our WW2 topic, we have been creating dances in PE. Have a look and see what you think!

A Great Start To The Year

After a few weeks back in school, we are really enjoying sinking our teeth into our Autumn topics - none moreso than our topic about World War 2. Today we had a visit from Mrs Tanner, a historical expert, who taught us a lot about what life was like for children at the time. We had a great time asking her (LOTS OF) questions that have been bubbling up over the past few weeks. 

(The children have closed their eyes, trying to imagine what they might see and hear during an air raid)


On Friday 14th October we are planning to go for an educational visit to Beaumanor Hall to learn more about WW2 Britain. Just for fun, we ask that the children come in fancy dress for the day. This is simply intended to add to the experience of the day. If you have not yet sorted out a costume for your child, these images may give you some ideas:

Some more info about our visit to Beaumanor Hall:

Time Tables Practise

We ask that the children spend time working on thier times table skills each week. So much of the maths we do in school is built on this important foundation. Clicking on the link below will take you to a free online game that we have used in school for practising.