Four members of Year 6 spent the day at Hogwarts (Nottingham High School!) working together with the science department to resolve a couple of tricky challenges.

The first involved supporting the work of Newt Scamander and saving dragons from extinction. The children were told that all over the world, dragons were being killed as it was believed that their blood was a good source of vitamin C. It was our job to investigate the levels of this vitamin in dragon’s blood and to see if other alternatives were available. After much careful testing, the children found that Muggle Juice (also known as orange juice!) contained a far higher concentration of Vitamin C and made this very clear in their report to the ministry.

In the afternoon, the children were working for Professor McGonagall, trying their best to prove Hedwig’s innocence. A local farmer had accused Hedwig the owl of taking young chicks from his farm. Our young scientists dissected owl pellets, taken from the Owlery, to prove that Hedwig hadn’t eaten any chicks at all. Amongst the pellets, they discovered lots of different bones – including skulls complete with teeth – and could prove that all belonged to rodents, not to birds. They were then able to present a very strong case in their letter to the professor.

The day certainly fueled the children’s imaginations as well as their interest in Science. Here are a few photos of our incredible day: