School Uniform

Boys Girls
Grey trousers or grey school shorts

White shirt or white polo shirt

Navy blue sweatshirt

Plain dark or white socks

Plain black shoes

Navy/grey skirt or pinafore dress

Navy/grey trousers or shorts

White shirt or white polo shirt

Blue and white checked dress (Summer)

Navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan

Plain dark or white socks

Plain black shoes (no high heels, platforms or boots above ankle height)

 PE Kit

For PE lessons children should wear navy/black shorts and a white t-shirt or navy “Abbey Road” sports t-shirt. Plain dark tracksuit trousers are recommended for outdoor PE on cold days.

KS1: Plimsolls and/or trainers (child must be able to put them on and secure them independently)

KS2: Trainers (must be clean for indoor PE)

Due to the pressure on cloakroom space, school asks that PE kit is sent to school in a (named) drawstring bag.

Please ensure PE kit is in school all week as sometimes timetable changes occur or special activities happen.

Kit Out

Please make sure all items of clothing are clearly named (forename and surname) as it means they are much more likely to be returned when lost.

Abbey Road sweatshirts, polo shirts, book bags, caps and fleeces can be purchased from our suppliers KIT OUT (see order form below or available from the school office).


Jewellery, Hair, Make-Up & Toys

PLEASE REMEMBER – for safety and practical reasons, jewellery is not allowed.  The only exceptions are plain, stud earrings, wrist watches & signs of faith.

For hygiene reasons, we recommend that long hair is tied back, this must be done in PE lessons for safety reasons.

We request that ears are pierced during summer holidays so that earrings can be kept in during this initial period. ALL jewellery needs to be removed for PE lessons.

Nail varnish and make up should not be worn at school.

We recognise that for some children, small toys or the latest collection craze can be a great social resource and source of sensible and safe entertainment at break and lunchtimes. As such we allow these but are clear that school will not get involved in any issues related to lost items and unhappy swaps. All items such as these must be put away at the end of break and lunch times and school is not responsible for any that are lost. School also retains the right to ban any specific toys, items or latest crazes if it feels they could or are causing problems.

Lost Property

Our lost property box is situated near the back entrance to the main building.   PLEASE look inside and see if there is anything that belongs to your child. Named items are far more likely to be returned to their owner or not be claimed by someone else.