On Thursday 30th November, Year 5 visited the National Justice Museum. Whilst we were there, we got to:

  • Visit a Youth Court (where we learnt more about different types of courts and what they are used for)
  • Visit an exhibition and try to crack the code
  • Act out a real-life trial exploring whether or not Isabella Makin was guilty of stealing (our excellent prosecuting lawyers managed to convince the jury that she was and Isabella was sentenced to 5 years in prison)
  • Visit the prisons / dungeons where we got to meet Elizabeth Fry (who helped to improve prison conditions)
  • Meet the executioner – who did not blink once – who told us some rather gruesome details about his job!
  • Go to the police station and work as detectives to solve a murder mystery case in Narrowmarsh!

We had a wonderful day and learnt lots about historic justice systems!

Have a look at some of our pictures from the day below.